Gunma Percussion Society
4th Snare Drum Competition
Video Submission
Junior Section / Youth Section

Application:2021/5/29 – 8/22

Video submission:2021/6/25 – 8/22


(Dates may be subject to change during the screening process.)


Entry Fee

Junior Section:3,000JPY

Youth Section:4,000JPY


Who can apply?

Any Percussion Players within the age below.

Junior Section : age of 13 – 17

Youth Section : age of 18 – 22


Complete the online application form. (Available in late May) An automatic email will be instantly sent. Application fee is required to be sent in a week. Once we receive your application and payment we will send you an information email. Should you have any trouble processing online application, message us on


The application fee (3,000JPY for Junior Section / 4,000JPY for Youth Section) is expected to be sent via PayPal to within a week after your entry completion.


Required repertoire

Junior Section : One of GPS’s original pieces chosen by applicant (To be announced on the website in May)

Youth Section : ① An etude chosen by applicant from 1, 8 ,9 of Twelve Etudes by Delecluse or 25, 29, 30 of Kleine Trommel Schule by Knauer.

         ② A snare drum solo piece of applicant’s choice.

        (Required to perform TWO pieces in total)


Download music sheet

Junior Section

Etude A

Etude B

Etude C

Etude D


Video submission method

Record a video of your performance and upload it on Youtube or Dropbox then send the URL to Make sure that your hands are seen clearly from the front.



Before you start your performance state your name and the title of the etude/solo piece (or add subtitles). You can edit the video just for the purpose of connecting two pieces (Youth Section).


Result and Prize

Result will be announced by personal email as well as website on the 1st Septmber. Dates may be subject to change during the screening process. Top applicants will receive a special gift from one of our sponsors.



5-10 GPS’s Timpani&Percussion players below.

Masahiko Horikawa / Percussion, Gunma Symphony Orchestra
Reiko Kono / Professor, Toho College of Music
Mitsunori Kambe / Timpani, Tokyo New City Orchestra, ex-Isreal Philharmonic Orchestra
Mana Koshino / Percussion, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Atsushi Mitsuhashi / Principal Timpani&Percussion, Gunma Symphony Orchestra
Mie Imachi / Professor, Ota School of Art
Ryuhei Sunaga / contract Percussion, ex-Bern Symphony Orchestra
Monami Kano / Percussion, Blitz Philharmonic winds
Yohei Katayama / Timpani, Central Aichi Symphony Orchestra
Shimon Shinozaki / Principal Timpani&Percussion, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Akio Oka / Percussion, ex-Gunma Symphony Orchestra
Keiko Murata / Marimba, 1st Prize of Romanian International Music Competition (Marimba Section)
Shiho Morimoto / Marimba, 2nd Prize of the 14th ‘Choko-hai’ International Music Competition
Naoko Sekiya / Percussion, ex-Siena Wind Orchestra
Hiroyuki Kawamoto / ex-contract Timpani&Percussion, Munster Symphony Orchestra, Opera North